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Nicky De Mouse Book 2019

Author: Brian Pearson

Paperback:      9781646208500   $19.99
PDF:                  9781646208517     $3.99
EPUB:                9781646208517     $3.99
Kindle:              9781646208517     $3.99

Nicky De Mouse Book 2020

Author: Brian Pearson

Paperback:      9781637288795   $24.99
PDF:                  9781637288801    $3.99
EPUB:                9781637288801    $3.99
Kindle:              9781637288801    $3.99

Nicky De Mouse Book 2021

Author: Brian Pearson

Paperback:      9781637288818   $20.99
PDF:                  9781637288825   $3.99
EPUB:                9781637288825   $3.99
Kindle:              9781637288825   $3.99

Nicky De Mouse Is Back

Author’s comic strips gives readers a nostalgic and fun read

After all his years of watching classic cartoons and comic strips, taking the good and eliminating the garbage, author Brian Pearson felt he has finally come up with the project that will surely be a classic for years to come. He brings back the fun adventures with the release of “Nicky De Mouse 2019”, the continuation of the classic Nicky De Mouse Comic Strips.

This book follows the adventures of a Rat from Orlando, Florida, named Nicky, cousin of the most popular mouse in Florida, who moves in with the Robert Cook family from Barrington, New Jersey. When the author finished with the 2019 comic strips, he took the characters to the highest plateau and called the strips “The Champion”.  He now invites readers everywhere to join in on the fun and meet the interesting characters who will accompany Nicky De Mouse.

The other “Nicky De Mouse” books are also already available so the entertainment continues. “Nicky De Mouse 2020” is the official COVID-19 pandemic book and “Nicky De Mouse 2021” is a continuation of the 2020 pandemic strips with the fun characters like the Kleenets Aleins, Fray-Dee Cat and Bus Stop Joe.

These books are available online and can be purchased at online bookstores;, and

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