It has been said that “all work and no play make Jack (or Jill or Jane or Joe) a dull person.” Once in a while, a time away from what you normally does for a living would benefit you mentally, physically, spiritually, even financially. Going on an adventure would give you the recharge that you would be so surprised to know you need all along.

Choose your own adventure

Going on an adventure does not necessarily mean the risky, adrenaline rush that most people think of. Adventure is described as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks” or “an exciting or remarkable experience.” There is always a risk in everything you will try to do for the first time, and so even if the event you have in mind is not as physically challenging, but when you feel some symptoms such as “rapid heart rate, sweating, heightened senses, rapid breathing, decreased ability to feel pain, increased strength,” you might as well be going through an adventure.

What are some examples of adventures you could do that would not require too much physical effort?

Watching or reading horror movies/stories, opening an unknown box that has been sitting in your house for the longest time, unintentionally witnessing a crime scene from where you are seated comfortably (or so you thought). Maybe bumping into your ex whom you had an ugly split with after ten years.

And should you want more physical, more active adventures, some planning for destinations on your bucket list would be a good start. Maybe a trip to the nearest theme park for some extreme amusement rides. The thrill and the adrenaline rush will shake off your system.

You might say that you are comfortable just where you are right no—when you think you have all the things you need, you want, and then some. Or you could also be neck-deep in stress that sometimes, you get paralyzed and get nothing done, but you can’t seem to take the time off because it’s the time “you cannot afford.”

Know that spending time for yourself is never a time you cannot afford or a time wasted. Your overall health directly impacts your everyday life—most especially your livelihood. If you’re too unhealthy physically, mentally, and spiritually to function in life, you’re as good as dead.

Your adventure would surely not wipe away your problems or issues. When you get back after your adventure trip, you would still be facing them. But you would be facing them with renewed vigor and newer perspective.